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How best to Maintain your garden
We know as well as you that maintaining a garden can be hard work, in fact 40% of of Britons over the age of 45 consider it a workout. Which can cause muscle and joint fatigue but don't worry this guide will give you some tips to help reduce the stress on your body!
How To grow tasty fruit & VEG
There are many different variables that you will have to consider when growing fruit & veg and other plants in your garden, such as; type of soil, the pH level of your soil, the quality of water you're using in your garden. But don't worry we'll cover all of this in the guide!
How to create natural fertiliser
Everything that you can grow in your garden needs nutrient-rich fertiliser in order to grow quicker. But fertiliser can be expensive at times! Don't fear because in this guide we will show you how you can create fertiliser that your plants will love, from the comfort of your garden.
Can I Trust Garantia UK?
You can make the most of your garden with decorative water butts, composters, growing aids, and many more garden accessories.
You can select your favourite decorative water butt from more than 60 different shapes, sizes and colours. Your choice will serve as a real feature in your garden.

You can find the right garden composter from an extensive range, all of which are made of 100% recyclable plastic. You can also help to bring your garden to life using growing tunnels, cloches and raised bed planters.

What Have People Said About Garantia UK?

"The have most things, they know many things, so what is not to appreciate? I really like this company and the customer service." - Margaret
"True to their description the composter was simple to erect and simple to use. It’s not an eyesore either. Garantia delivered in good time with helpful forewarnings. I wouldn’t hesitate to return to this site if a further need arises." - Chris
"My planter was a doddle to build, like Lego but better! So pleased with the result. We would never have been able to lift our tree into a replacement planter so being able to build one around it was a lifesaver. Very happy!" - Karen
"Excellent service. Delivered within a week of ordering and no delivery charge. Easy to assemble. A really good sturdy compost bin." - Derek
"Got what I wanted when other suppliers let me down. Kept up to date with the processing of the order, and notified of the date of delivery which was correct." - Alistair
"Best supply of gardening supplies anywhere around. Go take a look and I am certain you will be happy with what you see. I have made several purchases now and I am very pleased with everything." - Margaret
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